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Webb Air Disc Brake Rotors

Webb offers a complete line of heavy-duty and severe-duty rotors for air disc brake applications. Available for steer, drive, and trailer applications, Webb rotors are FMVSS-121 tested and certified and offer superior stopping power. Select part numbers are offered with Webb’s Unique LifeShield™ heat treatment process which creates an invisible protective layer across the entire rotor surface to help you fight corrosion and extend the product life cycle.

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2x Life Cycle with Webb LifeShield™

Order your rotors with LifeShield™ protection, a unique heat treatment process that creates an invisible protective layer across the entire rotor surface. LifeShield™ helps fight corrosion to extend product life cycles well beyond the protection of traditional coatings–fleet testing shows 2x wearable product life. Webb LifeShield™ is the protection your business needs today... and down the road.

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Popular Webb OEM Trailer Rotors

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Rotor Model NumberBolt Hole # - Bolt Hole Dia.Bolt CircleOverall DepthDisc ThicknessTypeOverall DiameterPilot DiameterWeightSpecial Information
56095F10 - 5/8-119.825.911.77U16.92"8.66"78 lbsOEM Part Number. AFM Part Number 56095P


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