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Q: What is LifeShield™ Technology?
A: 2X Longer Rotor Life.

Webb LifeShield™ is a thermo-chemical diffusion process that creates an invisible ~0.001" thick protective layer across the entire rotor surface with an additional ~0.020" protective barrier beneath it. This advanced technology extends corrosion and wear resistance well beyond traditional coatings. In fact, fleet testing shows 2X life.


micrography of treated rotor surface
with and without life shield

Laboratory Test Results

Rotors with and without LifeShield™ were tested using magnesium chloride slurry as the corrosive agent following SAE J2721: Recommended Corrosion Test Methods for Commercial Vehicle Components. These photos (taken after 8 weeks in the Corrosion Test Chamber at the Webb R&D facility) show the substantial advantage gained with LifeShield™. But what about "real world" testing? Glad you asked...

“Real World” Test Results

Webb partnered with a fleet in the heart of the salt belt to install rotors with and without LifeShield™. The LifeShield™ rotors generated little to no corrosion or rust on the ABS teeth or veins after 26 months of operation. LifeShield™ technology increased rotor wearable life expectancy by more than 2X compared to a standard rotor.

with and without life shield
rotor mass loss chart

Superior Wear Resistance

Dynamometer performance and durability testing was performed on both LifeShield™ and non-treated rotors. Using the Webb dynomometer in the R&D lab, various burnish, effectiveness, and durability stops at speeds from 30 to 70mph were completed. The total mass loss (grams) for LifeShield™ rotor was 48% less than the non-treated rotor.

Superior Wear Resistance

The LifeShield™ rotor pads showed 43% less mass loss than the non-treated rotor pads. Braking surface thickness measurements for the non-treated rotor decreased 0.008" after 37,438 miles of travel while the LifeShield™ rotor only lost 0.004" after 49,684 miles of travel. Normalized per mile, the LifeShield™ rotor was 65% more resistant to wear than the non-treated rotor.

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rotor total pad mass lass chart

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