Webb Brake Drums

NEW Webb Steel Shell Brake Drums

Every pound you lose is another pound of payload. Webb Steel Shell brake drums offer a 15%+ weight savings compared to standard cast drums. The lighter, stronger design features a one-piece outer shell with a fused cast iron brake liner. The drum is designed, cast, and machined for optimal balance and performance.

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Webb Steel Shell

Webb Vortex® CRT Brake Drums

Everyone in this business knows that brakes work better and last longer at cooler temperatures. That’s what Webb Vortex technology is all about. The Webb Vortex CRT features our most advanced brake drum technology. It includes all of the features of our Vortex product line plus NEW patented CRT™ vents (Cool Running Technology) to increase air-flow for superior heat transfer efficiency and 15% cooler operating temperatures.

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Webb Vortex® Unlimited Brake Drums

The Webb Vortex Unlimited features advanced brake drum technology to run 10% cooler than standard brake drums. The patented design employs external cooling ribs that conduct heat away from the brake surface for superior heat dissipation. A patented wear indicator gives you a quick visual reference to take the guess work out of repairs to save maintenance cost.

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77807BW CRT Vortex
56864B Webb CRT

Webb 56864B Brake Drum

Designed for standard-duty drive and trailer over-the-road applications, the Webb 56864B is a great solution to handle the higher heat caused by reduced air flow from trailer skirts. It features patented CRT vents (Cool Running Technology) in an innovative design that manages heat 10% better than similar weight brake drums.

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Webb 66864B Standard Brake Drum

More robust than the 56864 brake drum, the Webb 66864 is the proven industry standard for vocational, or heavy-duty drive and trailer applications.

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66864B Webb Cast Brake Drum

Webb Cast Brake Drums

Webb brake drums are made from a high grade of cast iron for long service life and conform to SAE Recommended Practices. With over 400 brake drums available in sizes ranging from 12.25 x 6.00 to 18.00 x 8.00, Webb offers the broadest brake drum line and has become the industry standard for quality wheel end quipment.

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Webb Severe Duty Brake Drums

As a leading supplier to the North American transit bus, motor coach and refuse markets, Webb covers all popular applications with severe-duty brake drums engineered to optimize performance and durability. Constructed with SAE J431 cast gray iron, these products are enginered to handle higher frequency of mechanical or thermal loading. Your Webb expert can help you choose the right drum for your severe-duty application

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Webb Transit Severe Duty 63115


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