Runs cooler to last 25% longer

The ultimate low-temperature, long life brake drum

Watch this video to learn more about Webb Vortex!

brake drum cooling fins

Patented Webb Vortex® Unlimited brake drums feature cooling fins that help the brake drum dissipate heat better than standard brake drums.

brake drum cool running technology

Models with patented CRT vents (Cool Running Technology) offer superior heat transfer efficiency for even cooler operating temperatures.

brake drum wear indicator

Models with patented wear indicator give you a quick visual reference to help you determine when it’s time for repairs to help you get maximum life from your brakes.

brake drum cooling thermo

These infra-red photos taken on the Webb dyno show a Webb Vortex Unlimited drum with CRT vents next to a standard drum at precisely the same moment during the braking cycle. Compare the heat (red color) and you can actually see that Vortex runs significantly cooler. How much cooler? Read on.

15% cooler for better braking
performance and 25% longer life!

Data tells the story. Webb Vortex Unlimited with CRT vents runs 15% cooler so your brakes are more effective and last longer. This means fewer repair stops for more uptime and reduced maintenance cost over the life of your equipment. They easily pass FMVSS 121 standards for Retardation Ratio, Brake Power, and Brake Recovery at their respective GAWR.

brake drum temperature
brake drum lining
webb vortex unlimited
recovery chart
brake power chart

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