New Product Release 64126B

We have launched a severe-duty 16.50″ x 8.62″ brake drum. Our new 64126B weighs 151 lbs. to give users a severe-duty option of our 66854B. This is primarily found on a drive axle of a fire truck. Contact your Webb distributor today!

Drum Part Number: 64126B
Weight: 151
Brake Shoe Width: 8.62
Back Plate Thickness: 0.56
Mount: Outboard
Brake Surface Diameter: 16.50
Overall Depth: 11.46
Brake Surface Flat: 9.08
Pilot Diameter: 8.78
Bolt Circle Diameter: 11.25
Bolt Hole (Number): 10
Bolt Hole Size: 1.00
Maximum Wear Diameter: 16.62
Notes: Extra Heavy Duty
Competitor X-ref: GUN 3811X & Meritor R930222