56094PK rotors fight corrosion and rust
56094PK rotors fight rust

Fights corrosion as you drive

The patent-pending Webb 56094PK design features 10 stainless steel clips that serve as a protective barrier between the rotor and hub. This is a very real maintenance benefit because corrosion buildup between the hub and rotor can “weld” these two components together making it nearly impossible to separate them. It’s a mechanic’s nightmare that increases customer downtime.


The corrosion problem

This photo of a competitor's product was taken after conducting SAE J2721 Corrosion Testing that simulates punishing “real world” corrosive conditions. After 1,300 hours of testing this competitive rotor COULD NOT be separated from the hub.


revolutionary rotor fights rust
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The corrosion solution

This photo of a Webb 56094PK rotor was taken after conducting the same SAE J2721 Corrosion Testing as the photo above. While the competitive product could not be seperated ... the Webb 56094 rotor COULD!

Less is more

Only 10 bolts install the 56094PK rotor to the hub, compared to 40 pieces required by our competitor. Mechanics really appreciate this time saving, hassle free design.

FAST and EASY. The new Webb 56094PK.


56094pk rotors

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