Brake heat management (Thermal Imaging)

Webb VortexTM severe duty brake drums are designed for improved brake heat management in high frequency braking applications leading to lower brake temperatures and extended drum and lining life. This video shows a thermal imaging comparison between a Webb VortexTM 16.5 x 8" severe duty brake drum and a competitive standard design 16.5 x 8" brake drum. Both drums have completed the entire stop sequence of FMVSS 121 and the video is showing the final stop in the brake recovery section of FMVSS 121. You can clearly see the Webb VortexTM drum, seen on the left in the video, is running much cooler than the competitive standard design drum seen on the right. At the beginning of the video, you can see both drums come to a stop and how they heat up, then it goes into a one minute cooling phase and you can see how the Webb VortexTM severe duty drum dissipates heat more efficiently in comparison to the standard style drum.


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