At Webb Wheel Products, we realize that our growth and success are ultimately dependent upon our customers' growth and success.

Our mission is to satisfy our customers' needs through the design and manufacture of the highest quality wheel equipment products, at the lowest possible cost.

Since its beginning in 1946, Webb has grown consistently and made significant contributions to the trucking industry. Known throughout the industry for the quality of its products and service, Webb has a customer base of almost 300 active OEM customers and nearly 400 distributors. With thousands of warehouses and branches, these important customers and business partners help maintain Webb's reputation as the premier provider of wheel-end products to the trucking industry.

More about Webb Wheel Products' history follows.

Webb Wheel was founded in Webb City, MO with a production capability of 14 wheels per day. Customers included Dorsey, Trailmobile and Fruehauf.

Webb began machining cast iron brake drums and assembling spoke wheel and brake drum assemblies.

The company was purchased by the Oklahoma Steel Castings Company, a subsidiary of American Steel & Pump Corporation. The company continued to operate in Webb City until 1957.

Webb's employees went and stayed on strike as many of its customers were canceling or reducing orders because of the post-war recession. American Steel and Pump moved the company into the Oklahoma Steel Foundry in Tulsa, OK.

Because of competition between spoke wheels and 10 stud hubs, which Webb did not produce, George Belliars, General Manager, set about reinventing the wheel. His invention - the original Webb 3 Spoke Wheel - overcame major drawbacks between the competing systems and gave the company a unique product and a unique reason for being.

Webb moved out of the Oklahoma Steel foundry into a home of its own on eight acres in Siloam Springs, AR.

The Webb 3 Spoke Wheel was patented and produced in 15, 20, and 22 inch sizes. Regarded by many trailer manufacturers and fleets as the premier wheel in the industry, the 3 Spoke Wheels gave Webb and all of its products a reputation for superior quality and reliability. With the trailer industry again on the upswing, Webb grew throughout the 1960's but only as much as its machining capacity and the often expensive, restricted availability of steel castings allowed.

Marmon Industries acquired the American Steel and Pump Corp. Webb's Siloam Springs plant was expanded by 12,700 square feet and new machining equipment was installed.

Oklahoma Steel's satellite jobbing foundry, the East Texas Steel Castings located in Longview, TX, was turned over to Webb and dedicated solely to the production of wheel and hub castings. With increased capacity, the company was able to add new wheel and hub products and over the next two years its sales rose by 40 percent.

A new brake drum machining and assembly plant opened in Lebanon, IN. The following year sales rose by another 50 percent.

Webb company headquarters moved to Lebanon, IN. Set back by the severe 1975 recession, Webb recovered in 1976 and was propelled by an explosion in demand to successive annual sales increases over the next three years. Part of these increases were made possible by further expansion of the Siloam Springs plant from 62,500 to 85,000 square feet, and the installation of more machining equipment and a high speed assembly line.

Opened new assembly and distribution plant in Clearfield, UT.

Webb began operation of a new all electric steel foundry in Albertville, AL, and a new manufacturing, distribution and management center in Cullman, AL.

On its tenth anniversary as a member of The Marmon Group, the Webb division had grown from one machine shop of less than 50,000 square feet to a three-plant, two-foundry complex that totaled nearly 400,000 square feet.

Plants in Lebanon and Clearfield closed.

Cullman and Siloam Springs plant were expanded.

Cullman plant was expanded to 306,000 square feet.

Construction of a new 302,000-square-foot plant was completed in Siloam Springs.

Office expansion was completed in Cullman. An additional 70,000 square-foot manufacturing plant was constructed and dedicated to truck products.

New Aluminum Hub product was announced to industry.

Webb Wheel Products, Inc., now consisted of three manufacturing and assembly plants and one foundry for a total of 741,000 square feet. Employees numbered over 600.

Albertville, AL, foundry closed.

New lightweight TP axle hub (2243) released. New OEM Trailer Business Unit opened in Tell City, Indiana.

New OEM Trailer Business Unit in Tell City, IN began producing parts in December 2004 with official opening date in January 2005. This business unit is dedicated exclusively to support of the OEM Trailer customer for trailer hubs, drums, and rotors.

Opened new Transit Business Unit in Cullman, AL dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of wheel end products specifically designed and tested for the bus and motor coach industry.

Introduced new hub and rotor for medium duty hydraulic disc brake.

Opened new OEM Truck Business Unit in Cullman, AL dedicated exclusively to support OEM Truck customers needs.

Aftermarket Business Unit announced brake drum pallet program.

Aftermarket Business Unit announced boxed hub program.

Webb obtained federally registered trademark with U.S. Customs Service.

Obtained federally registered trademark for part numbers.

Introduced online catalog system to Webb customers.

Webb introduced three new rotors to their product line.

Webb introduced WEBB Vortex drum to their product line.



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