Warranty Claims

Note: This form will create an e-mail for you to send to Webb Engineering for processing. So please have photos ready to attach if you have an in-service failure. We would like to receive as many pictures of failure as possible. Below is a list of preferred pictures that will help evaluate your warranty claim in the most efficient and timely manner.

  • Several shots of the failed brake drum. Inside the drum surface and around the pilot area.
  • Close up of drum pilots and wheel pilots on the hub
  • Back side of the hub looking for indications of a leaking seal
  • Several shots of the brake linings
  • Slack adjusters at each wheel position

Click here for downloadable warranty form (word template document).

Contact Information:
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OEM Contact e-mail (Person handling claim)
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Product Information
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OEM Nonconformance Tracking Number
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Brief Description of Nonconformance or Defect:
(Please provide digital photos of the defect) (Required)

If the defect is not visual, how was the defect found. (Please provide any pictures that help describe how defect was found. e.g. Gage being used to verify dimension)

Number of parts found with defect (Required)
Manufacturing date code on defective parts

(e.g.  5 192 09 1 typically located on hubcap/drive plate face of a huband on the wheel mounting face of a brake drum)
Sales Order / purchase order parts supplied on

Please fill out below section for "In Service" Drum Failures Only.
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Date of failure:
Miles at time of failure
Date of trailer / truck build
In service date
Date of last brake system inspection / service
Miles since last brake system inspection / service
Which wheel end position was the drum on
Were all 4 drums removed for inspection after failure?
If so, did any other drums look suspect?
Did the brake lining thickness appear to be the same on all 4 wheel end positions?
Brake shoe manufacturer
Slack adjuster manufacturer
Automatic or manual