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Webb Vortex® Unlimited Brake Drums
Everyone in this business knows that brakes work better and last longer at cooler temperatures. Using their proprietary Vortex design, Webb engineers were able to increase the wear life of the drum and lining by lowering the operating temperature by 10%.

Vortex drum

Cast Drums
Webb brake drums are made from a high grade of cast iron for long service life and conform to SAE Recommended Practices.

Webb's brake drums are continuously examined and refined through stringent testing for maximum performance and complete accountability.

With over 400 brake drums available in sizes ranging from 12.25 x 6.00 to 18.00 x 8.00, Webb offers the broadest brake drum line and has become the industry standard for quality wheel end equipment.

Severe Duty Drums
Coach/Transit drums can be furnished .040 undersize.

Webb offers vented drums that provide increased drum cooling (increased air flow) during vehicle operation.

Webb offers drums with ribbed exteriors that provide more surface area than other drums to improve heat dissipation.


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